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Investment Outlook for the Year Ahead

2014 was a year of highly variable investment returns across many asset classes important to a diversified portfolio. These returns reflected the divergence between the U.S. and other world economies. The U.S. economy posted positive gains while other countries tussled with flat economic activity, lowered interest rates, heightened geopolitical tension and a selloff in oil [...]

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Market Update

The S&P declined 0.7% last week, even though a stronger-than expected unemployment report was released last Friday. The report showed that 248,000 non-farm payroll jobs were created in September, and the unemployment rate fell to 5.9%[i]. These numbers point to an accelerating economy, though we believe growth will be gradual. Returns will be moderate over [...]

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3 Critical Considerations to Ask in a Liquidity Event

A Liquidity Event Guide that covers pre, during, and post transaction.