Last week, Callan Capital held Healthspan – Reversing the Effects of Aging at the Alexandria at Torrey Pines. Over 75 Life Science executives in the San Diego Life Science community attended the event with Osman Kibar, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Samumed. Samumed aims to reverse the aging process, including regenerating cartilage, growing new hair and eliminating wrinkles. The company was recently valued at $12 billion and featured as a cover story in Forbes magazine. Dr. Kibar’s presentation centered around the technology behind Samumed, as well as what he has learned along the way from building the company to this valuation.

Callan Capital’s Life Science event series are designed to partner with San Diego Life Science executives to foster networking, nurture the next generation of San Diego leadership and elevate San Diego as a Life Science hub. For more information on the next Life Sciences event, please contact our marketing department at