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Financial Literacy for Kids

Research shows that kids as young as 3 years old can grasp the ideas of saving and spending. The sooner parents start teaching and talking to their kids about money, the more comfortable kids will be with these concepts. Most schools do not include financial education as part of their curriculum. In fact, a recent [...]

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Caring for Elderly Parents

It’s difficult for anyone to admit physical or mental signs of aging. For those of us caring for elderly parents, it can be equally as difficult to discuss their aging process, especially when you suspect there may be possible diminished mental capacity. The decline of a parent’s mental or physical health requires family members to become [...]

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Elements of Financial Planning, Part 3: Insurance and Estate Planning

Risk management and estate planning are important parts of every financial plan. There are many types of risk addressed in a well-drafted financial plan – risk caused by stock market declines, economic instability, death, disability and loss of income. These unforeseen events can have devastating financial implications to finances and alter the anticipated outcome of [...]

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Elements of Financial Planning Part 2: Investment and Tax Planning

Investment and tax planning – more specifically asset allocation and tax-efficient investing – are important parts of a well-designed, customized financial plan and integral to growing and maintaining wealth. In the first article of our financial planning series, we talked about data gathering, goal planning, and gathering relevant documentation as part of a financial plan. [...]

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Elements of Financial Planning Part 1: Goal Planning

A customized, well- designed financial plan is discussed at the inception of most relationships at Callan Capital.  A financial plan encompasses all areas important to an estate, including investment management, debt management, tax-minimization, trust and estate planning, risk mitigation, philanthropic planning, education and financial independence. The primary purpose of a financial plan is to bring [...]

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Last Minute Tax Tips

We are in the heart of tax season, and many individuals are meeting with or have met with tax professionals. Below are tips to consider to make tax time as efficient as possible, though tax strategies consistent with goals and objectives should be a proactive year-round activity. Tax planning must take into account each taxpayer's [...]

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Year-End Tax Tips

As 2016 comes to a close, we are actively discussing the following year-end tax tips with our clients. Year-end tax planning must take into account each taxpayer's unique situation and goals. Please consult with your tax adviser to devise a tax-saving plan that most effectively meets your needs and takes into account the latest tax [...]

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Planning For Our Children

College expenses, tuition hikes and the rising cost of an education are all things you hear about when it comes to sending your children off for their undergraduate degrees, and in some cases, graduate degrees. The 10-year historical inflation rate for education related costs is approximately 5%1, while the 10-year average rate of inflation for [...]

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Cybersecurity: What To Do If Your Email is Hacked

Learning that your personal email has been hacked can be scary and nerve-wracking. Taking preventative measures as well as educating yourself on the most current cyber security information can help prevent and ease the repercussions of an email hack. Here are a few items to consider if your personal email has been hacked: Change your [...]

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How to Navigate the End of Social Security Benefit Maximization Strategies

Due to the passage of the Bipartisan Budget Bill of 2015, there have been changes to social security legislation and claiming strategies. Consequently, time is running out as we approach the deadlines for the File-and-Suspend claiming strategy. Social security rules can be complex, but it is important to understand them, with the help of an [...]

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