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Benefits of Working With a Family Office

As family wealth grows, concerns over capital preservation and upholding the family legacy become increasingly important, causing affluent families to consider working with a family office.  A family office brings together a select group of advisors to coordinate all aspects of a family's affairs. This includes but is not limited to wealth management, charitable giving, [...]

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Year End Tax Tips

As 2015 comes to a close, we are actively discussing the following tax tips with our clients. Year-end tax planning must take into account each taxpayer's unique situation and goals. Please consult with your tax adviser to devise a tax-saving plan that most effectively meets your needs and takes into account the latest tax rules. [...]

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Psychology of Investing

During the last month, investors experienced unsettling volatility in the financial markets.  The onset of a correction coupled with constant media coverage is difficult even for the most experienced and sophisticated investors to navigate. To put things in perspective, it is important to clarify the difference between a bear market and a correction in a bull [...]

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Age-based Tips for Raising Financially Secure and Literate Kids

Research shows that kids as young as 3 years old can grasp the ideas of saving and spending. The sooner parents start teaching and talking to their kids about money, the more comfortable kids will be with these concepts. Unfortunately, most schools do not include financial education as part of their curriculum. In fact, a [...]

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Tips for Finding and Retaining an Advisor

Have you been through a financial event like a divorce, IPO, sale of a business, or inheritance? Chances are, these emotionally-charged circumstances have left you feeling like you need a roadmap for your financial future, or the help of a financial advisor or advisory firm. Investors value communication, trust and performance. With this in mind, [...]

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Executive Benefit Planning

Corporate executives face many unique wealth management challenges and opportunities. Along with running a successful company and answering to shareholders and a board of directors, they also have complex earnings packages, concentrated stock positions and a high likelihood of liquidity events – which can be difficult to navigate. Managing these items is increasingly difficult within [...]

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Summer Travel Series, Part 3: Five Bucket List Trips

Everyone has a bucket list, whether it resides in your mind not fully conceptualized or actually written on paper. Here are 5 life-changing trips to consider – compiled from Callan Capital employee experiences and well known travel publications like Frommers and Conde Nast. Machu Picchu The Inca Trail footpath is an ancient Andean passage leading [...]

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Summer Travel Series, Part 1: Financial Planning Travel Tips

Summer is officially in full swing; whether planning a summer trip with friends or family, we all want our trip to go off without a hitch. As you prepare for your summer travel, make sure your trip is both financially effective and stress free by following the 4 tips below. Be aware of currency changes [...]

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Essentials of Financial Planning, Part 3; Survivorship

A comprehensive, well-constructed financial plan brings clarity and direction to financial choices clients make everyday. Through the financial planning process, specifically within the area of survivorship, clients can determine if they are able to maintain the same lifestyle that they were accustomed to while their spouse was still living. In most cases, clients want to [...]

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Essentials of Financial Planning, Part 2; Risk Management

Managing risk is a very important part of every financial plan. There are many types of risk addressed in a well-drafted plan – risk caused by stock market declines, economic instability, death, disability, loss of income and damage to assets like a car or house. These unforeseen events can have devastating financial implications to finances [...]

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