At Callan Capital, we are committed to cybersecurity awareness, education, and training. We hope the following is helpful for you, your family, and your friends as a resource for cybercrime prevention, knowledge, and mitigation. This is part of a monthly cyber awareness series aimed at helping our clients avoid cybercrime.

Destroy Hard Drives and Overwrite Data

1. Destroy hard drives physically

    a) This includes physically destroying hard drives on your printer, cell phone, tablets, desktops, thumb drives (all   electronic devices)

2. Overwrite your devices

Begin by overwriting your device by replacing the information on your device with random data. Remove the memory and SIM cards, and destroy them separately along with any other internal cards. You can hire a reputable company to remove the hard drive. You can also smash the components and drill through the internal pieces with a hammer and drill. Do not rely on your cell phone carrier to wipe your device or destroy the hard drive. Never resell your devices or purchase second-hand devices as you cannot be sure you have carefully removed your data or that the seller does not have malware or spyware on your device.

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