The Economy Continues to Heat Up

During the last month, investors watched as the economy continued “heating up.” For the month of July, the S&P 500 Index was up 3.72% and the FTSE All World Ex-U.S. Index increased 2.24%. Year to date through July 31st, the S&P 500 gained 6.47% and the FTSE All World Ex-U.S. declined -1.53%. Despite many geo-political [...]

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Callan Capital Sponsors Play4SAY Event

Callan Capital was proud to sponsor and participate in Play4SAY, hosted by SAY San Diego. The event provided a meaningful way for business professionals and local leaders to be kids for a day while giving back to the community. Members of the Callan Capital team participated with competing teams in rounds of lawn games like [...]

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Rob Mikulski Named Top Fundraiser for Junior Achievement’s Young Executive Society

Rob Mikulski was named the top 2017-2018 fundraiser for the Young Executives Society within Junior Achievement of San Diego. JA YES is a dynamic group of young professionals from various industries and corporations in San Diego, who raise awareness and act as ambassadors on behalf of Junior Achievement, offering support through fundraising, “friend-raising”, special projects & [...]

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Economy Gets Green Light Halfway Through 2018

Halfway through 2018, the economy is performing well – economic indicators are strong, consumer spending is solid, corporate earnings are exceptional and the Fed continues to take steps to tighten policy. Year to date through June 30th, the S&P Index increased 2.6% and the FTSE All World Ex-US Index decreased -3.7%. For the quarter, the [...]

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Callan Capital Welcomes Olivia Zaiya, MBA, J.D., CFP®

San Diego based wealth management firm Callan Capital is pleased to announce that Olivia Zaiya, MBA, J.D., CFP®, has joined the firm as Managing Director of Financial Planning. Zaiya is primarily responsible for overseeing the firm’s financial planning process and managing client relationships. “We are excited to welcome Olivia to Callan Capital”, said Tim S. [...]

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Why You (Still) Need an Estate Plan

Estate Planning Changes In 2018, the current administration signed a new tax legislation into law, which includes a higher estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax exemption of $11.18 million per individual. These new lifetime exclusion amounts might make some married couples, who have a taxable estate lower than $22.36 million, question whether they still need [...]

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Callan Capital Participates in Red Shoe Day

Callan Capital participated in Red Shoe Day benefitting the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Back for the ninth year in a row, Red Shoe Day is the largest volunteer-driven fundraiser for San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House. 1,500 volunteers wearing yellow shirts and red and white striped socks collect donations from commuters and passers-by at key intersections [...]

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Planning for Education Expenses

Expenses, tuition hikes and the rising cost of an education are commonly heard phrases when planning for education expenses. Planning and saving can be daunting, since education related expenses are rising faster than inflation and other non-education related expenses. The 10-year historical inflation rate for education related costs is approximately 5%1, while the 10-year average [...]

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Callan Capital Hosts Secrets of Successful Liquidity Events Panel

Callan Capital hosted the panel event Secrets of Successful Liquidity Events at the Kodosky Lounge at the Long Center in Austin. The purpose of Callan’s Austin-based tech event series is to foster networking opportunities for entrepreneurs within the technology ecosystem and provide a forum for veteran entrepreneurs to give back to the next generation of [...]

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3 Critical Considerations to Ask in a Liquidity Event

A Liquidity Event Guide that covers pre, during, and post transaction.