At Callan Capital, we are committed to cybersecurity awareness, education, and training. We hope the following is helpful for you, your family, and your friends as a resource for cybercrime prevention, knowledge, and mitigation. This is part of a monthly cyber awareness series aimed at helping our clients avoid cybercrime.

What To Do If Beached

If you are breached, act immediately by notifying all institutions (i.e., banks, e-mail provider, credit card companies, financial advisors, cell phone provider, credit bureau). Keep phone numbers in your Callan 360 vault for easy access anywhere you have the internet. The phone number for Schwab suspicious activity is 800-435-4000. File a police report and immediately change your login ID and passwords on compromised accounts and/or disable login ability with the affected institutions when you call and notify them. Many devices can be remotely found, locked, or erased. Contact Google or Apple depending on your device for more information.

Helpful weblinks:

This concludes our cybersecurity training series. Chances are that your data is already “out there.”  We encourage you to proactively protect yourself and your data. While cybersecurity is often reactive, we hope you, your family, and friends found value in the series and were able to take steps to better protect your data and yourselves. Callan Capital stands by ready to help.

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