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December 2016 Market Update

The month of November was characterized by a post-election rally as investors made sense of the election implications. For the month of November, the S&P 500 Index returned 3.7% while the FTSE All Word Ex-Us Index returned -2.32%. Markets were strong year-to-date through November 30th; the S&P 500 Index was up 9.79% and the FTSE [...]

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Election Market Update

President Elect Trump's surprise victory in the U.S. Presidential election caused volatility across the world markets. Stocks and the dollar fell on news of Trump’s victory by more than 5% in the futures market, though his consolatory acceptance speech seemed to erase these losses by the open of the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday morning. In [...]

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October 2016 Market Update

Markets recovered well from the initial shock of the June Brexit vote, as lower bond yields, expectations of additional monetary accommodation, and stable global economic data eased investor concerns. For the third quarter, the S&P 500 was up 3.85% and the FTSE All World Ex-US Index was up 6.94%; year-to-date, the S&P 500 Index increased [...]

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August 2016 Market Update

The month of August was characterized by low trading volume, low volatility and neutral returns from the S&P500 Index, though volume will likely pickup as traders, investors and policymakers return to work. For the month of August, the S&P 500 Index returned .14% while the FTSE All Word Ex-Us Index returned .56%. In contrast, markets [...]

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July 2016 Market Update

The first half of the year was a bumpy and volatile ride, though the financial markets returned mostly positive results through June 30, 2016. Early in the year, the markets experienced significant volatility due to weak performance in China, a strengthening dollar and falling oil prices, which led Central Banks outside the U.S. to lower [...]

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The Implications of Brexit

The citizens of the U.K. voted to leave the European Union (EU) overnight and Prime Minister David Cameron, who led the “remain” effort, announced his resignation, startling the financial markets. This was a surprise to the pollsters and the financial markets which have been pricing in a “remain” vote over the last week. The pound [...]

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May 2016 Market Update

Our monthly market updates are designed to keep clients and members of the community abreast of market movements, macroeconomic and geopolitical issues and Callan Capital portfolio positioning. We encourage and welcome your feedback.  Global financial markets are in better shape than they were a few months ago - confidence in the economy is growing, oil [...]

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February 2016 Market Update

After a rocky start to 2016, we experienced a strong rebound in the financial markets from the lows in mid-February. As we mentioned in prior communications, our belief is that a recession is not imminent. The beginning of the year was volatile - the S&P 500 declined -9.17% from December 31st through February 10th. From February 11th to March 7th, the S&P [...]

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